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We has developed a process which it says ensures that no birds were live-plucked or force fed,which requires third-party auditing of the entire supply chain,our down is a high-quality by-product from food production. We work exclusively with one down supplier, who in its turn works with selected farms and one slaughterhouse. All involved parties work according to the Code of Conduct, which includes regulations on the wellbeing of the geese when they are raised, transported, slaughtered, etc.


down insulation used. The number is actually a volume — the amount of cubic inches one ounce of down occupies. For example, one ounce of 800 fill-power down will occupy 800 cubic inches when compressed by a standardized weight.

Down quality is rated by a system that measures its fill power, which is the number of cubic inches displaced by an ounce of down. It is usually expressed with the word "fill" preceded by a number ranging from 300 to 900, increasing in increments of 50. The higher the fill-power, i.e. 800 fill, the greater the loft provided by the down, and therefore the less down it requires to provide warmth. Typically 550+ fill is sufficiently warm and light enough to be used in jackets intended for activities like backpacking and climbing.


Responsible Down Standard

The RDS ensures that down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated well. This means enabling them to live healthy lives, express innate behaviors, and not suffer from pain, fear or distress. The standard also follows the chain of custody from farm to product.


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