Will you wash down your down jacket?


In the collection before the down vest, how to properly clean it? Tell you the following recipe.

1. Prepare a pot of warm water, put in the amount of detergent in the water.

2. Put the down jacket in the water soak for 10 minutes after the start of cleaning, careful not to hand rubbing clothes, dirty place must use a soft brush or waste toothbrush to wash.

3. Brush clean, do not like the same twist twist to squeeze water, but to squeeze down the clothes down, and then wash with water first.

4. In the second time cleaning, pour one or two spoons of white vinegar in the water, put the down jacket on the inside soak 5 to 10 minutes, gently rub a few times. Dry when the attention, along the lines of hands against the extrusion, hanging dry.

5. Do not sun exposure, to be placed in a ventilated place, the general dry two or three days to dry. After the dry will find clothes are flat, not fluffy. Then take the clothes down on the bed, with a large racks to beat clothes, everywhere to shoot. And soon downjacket to restore the fluffy appearance.

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